Saturday, February 11, 2017

Musician's Survival Guide - Problem of Time Management

"Sorry mom, I don't have time to practice" - The number one sentence that was said by more than 200 young musicians (age 13 to 17) who were surveyed by Amy Nathan about the pain of studying music. Finding time is a huge problem that everyone had to deal with in their life, including elders and child prodigy. None of them will always have time to made another run-through. Flutist Paula Robison once said that "There were times I didn't want to practice. When you're at that age, there are so many other things you want to do."

Here are some helpful tips of fitting practice into a busy day by teen experts of Oxford University:

  • Same Time: Some musicians will set up a daily routine of practice schedule at the exact same time each day, thus it will be easier to remember once it became a regular habit.
  • Different Time: Other musicians will change their practice schedule from day to day in order to create more variety into the "daily grinding" of practice, and can be depending on daily activities.
  • Split Time: Many musicians don't practice in a hour-long session; they split their time into a short period spread over the whole day.  Not only this method can let you to not be tired, it also can help musicians that will wander off somewhere else to be focusing on what they are doing.
For more information, tips, and guides on how to "survive" the world of young musicians, click here.

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