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Friday, September 15, 2017

Pencil It In: Musicians and Pencils

The bond between musicians and their pencils cannot be denied. While the metronome may be the musician's best friend at home, the pencil is the musician's most trusted advisor during rehearsals. The pencil documents the many moments in rehearsal, whether, happy, sad, elated, desperate, fantastical, or anxious. The pencil witnesses, records, and reminds the musician throughout their musical journey. Whether it is a breath mark, an accent, a pair of glasses, or a cow, these pencil markings are privy to the time shared amongst members of the ensemble. Be a part of the experience and bring your pencil to every rehearsal!

For a more "serious" discussion of musicians and pencils, please read Jean Inaba's article "Pencil It In: One Thing A Good Musician Always Remembers At Rehearsal."