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Sunday, October 14, 2018

2018-2019 Season New Initiatives.

Since 1999, OCMS-SO's mission has been to create a meaningful musical experience.  We have engaged with thousands of local community members between charity fundraising concerts and local performances at retirement homes.  We have created partnerships with organizations overseas to present concerts.  We have toured to multiple cities to collaborate with other like-minded Canadians.  We have had members meet in the orchestra, become fast friends, and then later get married. 

As a recent focus, the OCMS-SO has been striving to be more and more accessible to the greater population.  In continuation with our history, we would like to further make a difference in the local community.  This year, we are excited to roll out one of our new initiatives: the yearly membership fee has been removed.  We hope that this new change will allow for more members to take part in an initiative that has been going on for nearly two decades.